Molecular and cellular physiology of epilepsy-associated genes.

Our interest is to reveal the mechanisms by which epilepsy-associated molecules and signaling networks lead to epileptogenesis in the neonatal and infantile brain. In the current genomic era, gene mutations are identified in pediatric patients with increasing frequency, but it is unclear how the myriad of identified proteins and signaling networks are organized to regulate neuronal excitability. Our lab addresses this question using a multidisciplinary approach that combines electrophysiology, pharmacology and microscopy in genetically modified mice lines. Much of our work has dissected the cell-type and brain-region specific effects that epilepsy-associated potassium channel genes have on neuronal physiology. Such knowledge is critical for the development of new anticonvulsant molecules that have a more targeted action in the brain. Going forward, we will continue to study the role of epilepsy-associated genes, expanding our research into the mechanisms underlying the seizures triggered by recently identified mutations in non-ion channel genes.

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Recent Publications

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